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  • My love for dinnerware, presentation and soup all come thgether with this wheel thrown soup tureen.  This piece was thrown in a durable white stoneware and porcelain blended clay and then fired in a glossy white with an emerald bleed detail in the looped handle of the lid.  The ladle was made by hand as well.  Those bare spots shown in the ladle are where the piece sat in the kiln during the firing.  This tureen stands appox. 7 3/4" tall and holds up to 12 cups (3 quarts).  A tureen should NOT be used on the burners of your stove to actually prepare the soup, but for serving only.  Using your tureen over a direct flame or electric burner runs the risk of heat shock and breakage.  It is microwave safe and dishwasher safe (though handwashing is recommended).  

    Soup Tureen

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