• This is one of my favorite glaze combinations.  Serve up tea in style with this one-of-a-kind crystalline-glazed teapot.  Wheel-thrown and crafted with care, this teapot stands 6.75" tall (base to top of ribbon handle lid) and holds about 36 oz.  The interior of the teapot is glazed in a non-crystalline glossy white.  The exterior is glazed in cobalt, and copper green crystalline glazes.  This is a great size for steeping a pot of tea for you and your guests.  Serve a few cups and keep a couple more steeping for a refill.


    Teapot should be used for steeping and serving tea only.  For safety and longevity of your teapot, never place directly on burner to boil water.  Boil water in appropriate kettle and then transfer hot water to teapot and pour in slowly, allowing your teapot to heat up slowly as the water is added in.


    *hand-washing is recommended due to shape, but it is safe to wash in top rack of dishwasher.*

    Teapot, Cobalt & Copper Crystalline


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