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  • Wine & Dine Plates will add some serious fun flare to your next gathering. No more awkward juggling of your appetizer or cheese plate and your wine glass. This little plate will allow you to hold both in one hand while letting your other hand be free to actually eat or simply talk easier with your friends. (Or maybe you just want one for yourself!)


    This palette shaped plate is designed for comfort and ease. The white groove is where you place your thumb, and allow your hand to hold the plate from underneath (much like a painter's palette). The circular cutout is where you place your wine glass: just pass the stem through the slot and let your plate gently cup your wine glass. This works with most thin stemmed glassware. 


    Each plate easily stacks for easy storing in your cabinets. These were made from hand-rolled slabs of clay. The clay used is a very durable white stoneware and porcelain blended clay, high fired and glazed in glossy white and then fired a third time with real 22K gold luster.  Each wine and dine plate measures 9" long by 6.5" wide. 


    *dishwasher safe*

    Wine & Dine - White & Gold Luster

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