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In the event of industrial accidents such as downed power lines and other dangerous conditions, it's critical to record and broadcast these events. However, you can only broadcast when the power is back up, and your security camera is not always near a landline. That's where the Sonoff S23 nano multi-port power switches come in handy. With a micro SD card slot and 7 mini ports, it gives you eight different ways to control any of the Sonoff switches connected to it. You can also configure the S23 for different usage scenarios. Wifi, PIR, and motion zones can be created to control your switches, detect break-ins, or serve as sensor relays. Just slide to choose the mode that works best for you. For example, with the motion zone mode, set up to detect motion and open and close the door, switch it off when the door is closed, and turn the power back on when an intruder is detected. The flexible S23 is completely controlled by a single app, giving you maximum control over your switch. Add cameras, trigger scenes, configure the parameters, and view live output. Watch for the flaws in your CCTV system and make sure you're alerted with the latest features in the companion Sonoff app. Features: Automation Data Compression Device Control General information Product safety Self-Healing Product support Running mode Performance Storage capacity Table of Contents: Hardware Installation Compatibility Safety Running mode Product support Performance Storage capacity Software Customized Security cameras Shareware Troubleshooting User reviews 1. Activated the alarm mode for my Alarm Clock 2. Easy for users to operation 3. Consistent power supply. It is easy to understand and simple. It has a wide range of compatible devices. 4. The panic signal has turned on the flashlight. 5. I had to recharge the battery once a day. It is worth it to me. 6. S23 has a stable and normal operation in our test process. 7. The volume can be adjusted according to different users' needs. 8. I like the change of the LED after the power failure. It is really cool. 9. It is a5204a7ec7

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