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  • Earrings are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. If you are like me, they tend to be tossed in a drawer, or on the counter, on the dresser, on the table, etc. They get cluttered together and it is almost impossible to find the matcher to the pair you really want to wear. I saw an idea similar to this in a glass shop and thought it was a brilliant idea. I wanted mine to have more holes to hold a LOT of pairs of earrings. The inner cup is large enough to hold rings or bracelets. The built in plate acts as a tray to hold your stud earrings, earring backs and even rings as well.  An earring tree keeps your earrings organized and is easy to see just what you have. Plus, when your earring tree is full, it really looks like your own piece of art sitting on your dresser or vanity.  


    This Earring Tree was thrown in our "chocolate" stoneware and glazed a new plum that has been added to the studio.   It can hold a range of 35-45 pairs of earrings around the rim!  Earring trees stand around 3.75" tall with a base diameter around 6".


    **Earrings and jewelry are not included with this piece.**

    Earring Tree - Plum

    • All of my ceramic wares are thrown in small batches.  Each piece is made by hand with care, so while a "batch" of mugs may all look the same, each one will have it's own unique touch.  Nothing here is mass-produced, so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

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