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  • I love mixing in a straight edged piece in a collection of round, wheel-thrown pieces.  It just adds some diversity and interest to the eye.  What I love about the rectangular tray is its versatility.  There are so many ways you could use a tray like this:  home decor, tea caddy, make-up tray, serving food, sushi, etc.


    I use mineral make up, in particular Bare Minerals.  I love the quality of it and that my face never feels “painted” when I wear it.  If you use this brand of make-up or other mineral makeup, then you know what the containers look like.  I was tired of fishing around for the right one in my little bag when I needed it.  When I did find the right one, I would open the lid and the powder would be all over the place.  I needed a flat surface to hold those little containers that would be easier to manage and let me see just what I had.  That is when I decided to create the “make-up tray”.  It is the perfect way to find what I am looking for and keep it all organized.  Any brand of make-up will work well with this tray.  If you have tons of makeup, fill the tray with your everyday picks and display, then store all your extras in a drawer.  


    These tray and cup sets were glazed in glossy white with real gold luster fired into the pieces.  The tray measures 12.5" long by 5.75" wide.  The make-up cup stands 3-3.5" tall.


    *make-up and brushes not included*

    Make Up Tray - White & Gold Luster

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    • All of my ceramic wares are thrown (or hand-built) in small batches.  Each piece is made by hand with care, so while a "batch" of mugs may all look the same, each one will have it's own unique touch.  Nothing here is mass-produced, so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

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