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  • Let this trio of nesting bowls be the new addition to your kitchen.  These will be perfect to assist you with baking, cooking, serving or on display.  Each bowl nestles perfectly within the next to offer optimal space saving within your cabinets or shelves.   


    These bowls are glazed in our glossy white non-crystalline glaze and rimmed in emerald, bleeding down into the white as a gradient, detailing the bowl.  The largest bowl measures approx. 5" tall by 9.5" in diameter and holds 96 oz.  The second bowl stands 4.25" tall by 7.75" in diameter and holds 48 oz.  The smallest bowl in the trio stands approx. 3.5" tall by 6.5" in diameter and holds 28 oz.  


    All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.  Hand-washing the larger bowls are always the recommended practice.  

    Nesting Bowl Set -3 Pieces

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    • All of my ceramic wares are thrown in small batches.  Each piece is made by hand with care, so while a "batch" of mugs, for example, may all look the same, each one will have it's own unique touch.  Nothing here is mass-produced, so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.  This also applies to the glaze.  The glaze and method are applied to each piece in the same way, but each one will come out slightly different.

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