• Trays and serving pieces are some of my very favorites to adorn the home with.  Display it out in the open of your home as a piece of art work, but when you need it...use it!  Form and Function at its best!  This tray is a great size for tea or coffee service, an appetizer plate, a serving dish as the table or simply display.  This oval tray was made from a slab of clay that was hand rolled and then pressed into my oval mold.  Once this piece dried, I sanded smooth the rim and fired the tray.  This piece was glazed in copper green crystalline.  The underside of the tray is a non-crystalline glossy white glaze.  


    Measures 12.25" in length by 9.25" in width.  Safe for washing in dishwasher.

    Oval Slab Tray - Copper Green