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Building a Tiny Shop

Tiny shop? Like, a tiny house? Well, yes, that's exactly the idea! Phase one of the build has been completed and it is so exciting! Granted it is in the "eye-sore" phase of the build (sorry neighbors), but it's out there, in my driveway and the bulk of it has been constructed. It all started when, George, delivered my tiny house trailer on January 5th followed by my first delivery of building materials from Home Depot.

My dad and I have made a design based off of our combined ideas and his expertise in construction is making this dream a reality. This first phase of our build was completed over a span of two weeks. I was definitely surprised and thrilled with the amount of progress that was made in that time frame.

The very first steps were to lay down metal sheathing to protect the build from water, especially as we start to tow (the idea of towing legit scares me, but I'm going to have to figure it out). Next came the rigid insulation followed by the framing of the subfloor decking. If you are curious as to the weather being cold...let me assure you, it was in fact, freezing! We are talking single digits and teens. Our face coverings were worn for warmth and not for COVID reasons. Once the subfloor framework was in place, my dad and Andrew, worked their way around the whole trailer, drilling through the wood and steel framing and bolting the floor in place. This tiny house isn't going anywhere! (Well, it's not going to fall off!)

Subfloor came next and I was entrusted to use the's fine! I was trained by an expert. This was not my first rodeo either. It was nine degrees the day we did this and we had to keep the nailer in the warm mudroom or run it under my hair dryer to keep the pistons warm enough to actually fire off the nails. The next couple of days, while the snow piled on, we moved to the garage to frame out the walls of the tiny shop.

With the snow cleared off and the sun coming back out, the walls started to go up. This was all the hard work of my dad and husband. I was watching from inside as I had just had knee surgery and was recovering on crutches. (My third-grade self was rather disappointed to find that crutches are absolutely not fun and hurt my armpits). The framing going up and taking shape certainly felt magical. It is so fun to step inside and envision the space to-be more clearly. Right now it sits with wall sheathing, tyvek house wrap and a huge tarp over the roof rafters (hence the eye-sore stage) as we wait for phase two of the build. This will likely take place near the end of March/early April. Please stay tuned and follow the build on instagram! If you aren't following my dad, please do so. @planeartwoodworks

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