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Doors Are Open

Where to begin? It is overwhelming to try to catch my followers up over the last year. If you have followed what I have shared on Instagram then you likely have seen what a heavy year it has been. If you are brand new, I encourage you to back-read my posts and scroll through my instagram account to learn about what has been going on.

May 2021 my tiny shop doors opened to the public. It was a dream to run my own store and a tiny mobile one at that! I had a tremendous summer season and my tiny shop was welcomed to the town in BIG ways! I was off treatment for breast cancer for a whole year and was starting to really feel myself again and enjoying life moving forward. September was a big milestone month for me, health-wise. September 12 would mark three years since my diagnosis. September 7 came with a brain MRI due to terrible headaches and phone call just three hours later to let me know my breast cancer had metastasized to my brain. I had one major tumor and two other lesions. I was scheduled for an emergency craniotomy on the 17th to remove the tumor. Brain radiation was to follow after my recovery from surgery as would unlimited cycles of targeted chemotherapy.

Naturally all production and business with the tiny shop came to a screeching halt. I felt utterly defeated and wanted to just quit my business for good in that moment. Brain surgery marked my tenth surgery and was, by far, the most painful and hardest recovery. As I recovered, I told my husband I was not wanting to get back into work. I felt I would not be able to resume the tiny shop. Full of wisdom and compassion, Andrew encouraged me not to make that decision in the moment, but give it some real time, thought and prayer. Fast forward a full year and I felt like I wanted to keep working in the studio as I am able, but the tiny shop was too much for me. While it was a clear decision for me, it was extremely emotional and difficult.

I have sold the tiny shop. The beautiful thing is it truly feels like a passing of the torch than a "goodbye forever". Amy of Joy & James has bought the tiny shop and she is continuing on the vision with some very creative ideas of her own. It's parked back in its original spot in the town house common lot in downtown Exeter, NH. It even has some of my pieces for sale inside, but it has new ownership with new supported local artists within. If you are not following the tiny shop you totally should!

As for my own work? I have resumed a weekly studio day that is devoted to throwing, trimming, glazing and firing kilns. I am continuing with my small batch production and taking it day by day and week by week. It has been a hard reality as I adjust to a new normal once again. Accepting a new pattern to life that you never anticipated is quite hard. I constantly fight the "what-could-have-beens". This is not at all what I hoped for. It is devastating to realize I will be receiving infusions every three weeks, likely for the rest of my life. Tears upon tears have been shed over the past year, but I also trust God is doing good things in the heavy and hard. I truly believe God is good - even in the valley. I sure don't want to miss His goodness.

Tiny shop doors are back open. Please come and see it! Meet Amy if you haven't yet. Maybe I'll still get to see you in there.

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